Thank You for partnering with Rwandan Youth!

All gifts are fully tax-deductible.
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Rwanda Youth Partnership
c/o Lawrence CommunityWorks
168 Newbury St, Lawrence, MA  01841

The Impact of Giving

Your dollars go a long way in Rwanda.

Gifts go completely to the program since our USA team is all volunteer.

Here’s a sense of how dollars translate in the Rwandan economy:

85 – 150 youth get a fresh round of notebooks and pens  ($.56 each)

$850 – Round trip transportation for 150 youth to attend a Program Day  ($5.60 each)

$1,200 – Food (breakfast, lunch, tea and waters) for 150 youth at a Program Day  ($8 each)

All your gifts add up and make Rungano-Ndota possible.
Donors who can give at higher levels, please consider these options:


A scholarship – tuition, room, and board – for a one-year course at a residential trade school.  Studying with a team of Rungano-Ndota classmates, youth learn a trade and build their business plans for after graduation.


A Rungano Program Day

A program day for the growing community of youth – a Rungano Leadership Development Day or a session of Rungano-Ndota’s Business Bootcamp.

A New Cooperative

Start-up capital for youth in a savings group who have finished their business plan and are ready to start a cooperative business.  Review their plan and help them launch!

Leadership Builder

Leadership Builder gifts that support the overall Rungano-Ndota program over the coming years

If you want your donation to have a special impact, contact for more information!