The Rwanda Youth Partnership works with the Leadership Team to build useful connections and visibility for Rungano-Ndota, both in the USA and in Rwanda.

When I visited Rungano-Ndota the youth said they had wondered how tomorrow would be, and some of them had no answer as where they were born their families’ income was almost nothing.  But noone is born happy or sad.  Happiness is a decision you make.  I had to make that decision also when I was growing up.  Salute to Rungano-Ndota program for helping these youth to improve their lives and give them a smile.  We shared goals to achieve such as doing things well and doing them better; Be daring, be first, and be different!  Everyone in Rungano-Ndota has her/his plan – not only their cooperatives also for their private life.  I am waiting to see how in two years everyone from Rungano-Ndota will be able to support more and more youth of Rwanda.

Gratien Uwikunda, Paddlesport Leader, Kingfisher Journeys Gisenyi, Rwanda

Growing up as an orphan with patriarchal lineage from Ruhango, I did not expect to return to a vibrant and dynamic group of youth engaged in entrepreneurial leadership in Ruhango, of all places. I witnessed firsthand youth of Rungano-Ndota who came from poverty, with little or no
formal education, take on the different business models and marketing strategies that you’d expect among businesses professionals or business majors in the USA. I was touched by personal stories that bore resemblance to my own personal story. I witnessed a “Dream Generation”; the meaning of Rungano-Ndota. I can attest to the transformation of lives in Ruhango through the program’s educational, inspirational and empowerment efforts. I endorse and appreciate all the efforts made by friends, donors and partners of Rungano Ndota across the world. Your efforts have made a tremendous difference in the lives of Rungano-Ndota youth. 

Ben Ntanganda, Nilepet and Africa Moyoni Consultant