350,000,000+ youth around the world are not engaged in employment, education, or training

We believe Rungano-Ndota, our partner, offers a solution!

Local and national officials in Rwanda have challenged us to build the capacity for national expansion to all 30 districts in Rwanda. We accept their challenge!

I am very thankful to the incomparable work of Rungano-Ndota in our district through bringing youth together to discuss their challenges and ways to handle them. I see the youth changing their lives by making savings groups for future investment and becoming entrepreneurs who form cooperatives.The National Youth Council promises any possible collaboration and support for this great work in Ruhango District. From my perspective,any other district would be fortunate to have Rungano-Ndota in the future!
Alphonse Munezero
Ruhango District Coordinator for the National Youth Council


When I got the opportunity to visit the youth in Ruhango, I was really amazed by their stories, by how the Rungano-Ndota Initiative has, and still is, changing their perspectives, their mindsets, in brief their lives! I was amazed at seeing how what they are taught is bringing them tremendous confidence in themselves and in the future. I am happy for having met them, and I encourage this development project that is in line with the vision of Rwanda, which is of making people self-reliant, entrepreneurship-oriented, and (why not!) being useful to others, their families, the nation, and mankind.
Jean-Luc Kibuka
Justice, Commercial High Court of Rwanda

"I encourage this development project that is in line with the vision of Rwanda"

"Youth in Rungano-Ndota are confident and eloquent because they are being given a platform to express themselves and participate in activities. Organizations like Rungano-Ndota are empowering the youth, especially women, who make up the majority of the population. I have witnessed that the youth in Rungano-Ndota are smart, organized and curious to learn about different things that can help them improve their day to day lives. Their energy and enthusiasm is exciting. More can be done to reduce poverty and inequality in many countries by providing more access to opportunities like this for the youth to like learning and do business."
Florentine Nzisabira
Business and Law Consultant, Burundi

Founder of Focus On Entrepreneurship 

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