Our Work

Our Work

Fundraising, Tech Assist, Networking and Advocacy, and Delegation/Leadership Exchange

The Impact of Giving

Your dollars go a long way in Rwanda.
Gifts go completely to the program, since all labor in the USA is donated.
The list below gives a sense of how your dollars translate to the Rwandan economy:
$35   A day of mentoring home visits by a member of the Leadership Team
$50   A fresh round of notebooks and pens for 100 youth at a Rungano Day
$75   Van rental for transportation to a service project in the community
$175          Admission to one of Rwanda’s national museums for 100 youth and the Leadership Team
$235 Breakfast for 100 youth at a Rungano Day
$250 One youth sponsored to participate in a full year of 16 Rungano Days
$500   Transportation for 100 youth to attend a Rungano Day
$850 All the food (breakfast, lunch, tea and water) for 100 youth at a Rungano Day
$1,500        A Leadership Team retreat weekend for strategic planning and capacity building

If you would like to support a specific activity, consider underwriting one of these programs:

$1,000 | A scholarship – tuition, room, and board – for a youth to attend a residential trade school for a one-year course.  Studying with a team of Rungano-Ndota classmates, they will also build their business plan for after graduation!


$2,500 | A Rungano Day for 150 youth, after 50 more youth join in 2019!

$5,000 | Start-up expenses for a new youth cooperative business, building on their own savings!

We can also discuss options for focusing your giving in areas such as:

Community service projects

Business plan bootcamps

Coaching and technical assistance from Rwanda Youth Partnership members visiting Rwanda

Building Leadership Team capacity as they prepare to expand the program across the country

If you have ideas for how you would like to support Rungano-Ndota, then let’s talk!

Logistics of Making Your Gift

As of November 2018, contributions to Rungano-Ndota are given to the Rwanda Youth Partnership (RYP) and flow to Rwanda through our fiscal agent, Lawrence CommunityWorks (LCW).  LCW is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization in Lawrence, MA, so your gift is completely tax deductible!


Your gift will go completely to the purpose you intend!  The RYP operates as volunteers, with no salary costs.  LCW administers funds for Rungano-Ndota and does not take any administrative fee.  Our only administrative overhead cost is a bank fee for wiring funds over to Rwanda.  All funds go to the programs and the youth!


Make your check payable to “Rwanda Youth Partnership” and mail it to:

                          Vladimir Saldana, Treasurer

                           Rwanda Youth Partnership

                      c/o Lawrence CommunityWorks

                                168 Newbury Street

                               Lawrence, MA  01841


  • The Leadership Team of young adults from the community in Ruhango District, founded the Initiative in 2016 and operates it as a combination of staff and volunteers.

Camarade Dusabimana, Project Manager of Rungano-Ndota:  dusarade@gmail.com


  • Benimpuhwe (“Compassion”) Organization, a Rwandan NGO empowering women and youth for more than three decades, has become the Initiative’s home and provides administration, grantwriting, advocacy, and guidance.

Verdiane Nyiramana, Executive Secretary of Benimpuhwe Organization:  verddy2001@yahoo.fr


  • Rwanda Youth Partnership – a support network based in Boston, works with Rungano-Ndota to provide coaching and technical assistance, engage donor support, and bring delegates for the annual Leadership Exchange program in Rwanda.

Todd Fry, Executive Director of Rwanda Youth Partnership:  toddsfry@gmail.com